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David tailors his treatment to match the particular needs of the individual or couple. He uses an empathic supportive approach that takes seriously and respects each person’s lived experience and personal story.

The theories and treatment methods he draws on include the following:


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
CBT treatment seeks to help the person identify and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours to bring about positive changes in the person’s quality of life.

CBT includes:

  • mindfulness and meditation

  • deep breathing and relaxation techniques

  • strategies for quality sleep

  • trauma-focused therapy


Interpersonal Psychotherapy (ITP)
Interpersonal psychotherapy focuses on the interpersonal relationships of the persons suffering anxiety and/or depression, relationship difficulties, life transitions, and grief - bereavement. This approach seeks to manage symptoms, improve interpersonal functioning, and increase social support.


To learn more about Interpersonal psychotherapy visit

Self Psychology

Self Psychology (or psychoanalytic self psychology) is a gentle approach that focuses on in-depth empathic attunement, i.e. hearing and understanding how the patient experiences him/herself and their life from their perspective. This includes working with the patient to understand the origins of their particular distress. The aim is to develop the patient’s sense of self identity and self esteem.


For more information about Self Psychology and personality disorders visit

Humanistic Psychology
Humanistic Psychology originated with Dr. Carl Rogers. This approach emphasizes the importance of empathy; acceptance and treating each person with unconditional positive regard, and genuineness (or what Rogers called, congruence).


For more information about humanistic psychology visit www.simplypsychology,org

Narrative Therapy     
Narrative therapy places emphasis on the importance of telling our story (or experience) in a supportive relationship. It is an approach that encourages a person to use their own skills and resources to deal positively with the difficulties they are experiencing. It also focuses on assisting people to create meaning from their experience(s).

Couple Therapy Approaches

David's approach to working with couples includes:

  • emotionally focused couple therapy

  • attachment theory

  • family constellations theory

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