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David provides:

  • Psychological assessment for adults

  • Counselling and psychotherapy for individual adults

  • Marriage and couple relationship enrichment and counselling

  • Professional supervision

  • Workshops and seminars


His counselling and psychotherapy approach is understanding and modifying the underlying causes, in addition to the management of presenting symptoms.


His interventions are tailored to the personality, life experience, particular circumstances, and expectations of each patient and supervisee.

David has particular expertise and experience in the following areas:

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

David treats acute (sudden onset and short duration) and chronic (long term) anxiety disorders including general anxiety, panic attacks, mood fluctuations including bi-polar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorders.


David treats acute and chronic depression.


Sleep Disorders
David has advanced training in providing psychological strategies for a range of sleep disorders. He works in close liaison with medical respiratory and sleep disorders specialists in Geelong to provide comprehensive and integrated treatment.

Stressful and traumatic life experiences
The stressful and traumatic life experiences David treats include stress management, adjusting to changed life circumstances (technically called adjustment disorder), acute stress and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). David has been working in this area since the early 1980s, including providing support to people and emergency workers affected by disasters and other traumatic events.

Anger Management  

In treating anger management, David focusses on the causes, triggers and underlying causes of the difficulty in the person’s life experiences, as well as behavioural strategies.


Acute, chronic and/or terminal illness.

Providing emotional and psychological support to the patient as well as to family members and supporters if appropriate.


Personality Disorders
Since 2005, David has had an active interest and specific training in the treatment of people with

personality disorders, particularly narcissistic disorders. This includes addressing the underlying personality issues associated with such difficulties as substance abuse and addictions.


Grief and Bereavement
David has provided grief and bereavement counselling since the late 1970s. He has particular interest

and expertise in complicated bereavement, often where trauma is involved.


Faith, Religious and Spirituality
David includes faith, religious beliefs, and spirituality dimensions into his treatment for people who specifically desire and request this.

Marriage and Couple Relationships

David provides:

  • couple relationship enrichment,

  • couple relationship therapy,

  • separation and divorce counselling, and

  • pre-marriage or pre-commitment preparation.


He works with heterosexual and same gender relationship couples, who are formally married or in partner relationships.


Marriage and Couple Relationship Enrichment

Many relationships function well with no specific or major problems. Marriage enrichment is a positive process for such couples. It aims to develop and strengthen such relationships through deepening emotional bonding; greater fulfilment in meeting each partners emotional and physical needs; improved communication; better methods of resolving differences and conflicts; developing intimacy in the relationship.


Marriage and Couple Relationship Therapy

Marriage and couple relationship therapy is available for couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Such difficulties may include general unhappiness, uncertainty about the future of their relationship, unsatisfying communication, trouble with resolving differences and conflicts, lack of emotional connection and intimacy, sexual difficulties, or relationship abuse (emotional, mental, physical or sexual).


David’s unique approach of assessment and treatment, developed over the past 10 years, incorporates a range of different theories and treatment interventions in an integrated way. This approach is flexible to meet the unique situation of each couple.


Separation and Divorce

Not all relationships last. Some end in separation and/or divorce. This is usually very distressing for both partners. David approach is to enable this experience to be as painless as possible, and to enable the partners to move forward as amicably as possible.


Pre-marriage and Pre-commitment Preparation Counselling          

David has been working for over 30 years with couples who are preparing to be married or who are moving to a formal commitment to each other. The aim is to increase the chances of the relationship enduring and foster relationship enrichment and satisfaction for both partners.

Professional Supervision

David is an accredited supervisor who provides professional and clinical supervision for a range of people working in the counselling, psychotherapy and welfare professions.

Workshops and Seminars

David is available to lead workshops, seminars and presentations for private industry, government departments and not-for-profit organizations, as well as community and self-help groups.

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